the beauty of the small place is that the solutions are easy to see, and with the right people round the table everyone starts to discover the bigger picture. Building natural capital, social capital and the economy at the same time starts making sense and the path to sustainability opens up.

Sometimes the challenges of creating a sustainable society seem just too complex to know where to start. Breaking the challenges down to a manageable size helps put the issues into context. The level of the community, village, city or island helps develop this perspective to find the links between the well-being of the community, the environment and a thriving economy. Action at this level is the foundation of a sustainable society. The town, city or island can be the driver of innovation with implications far beyond their borders.

urbanisland works in this context. Tackling global challenges in a manageable way at the local level. Making complex issues understandable. Working with communities, businesses, government and NGOs to find innovative solutions. Always seeing the big picture.

With experience from challenged communities in post-industrial Britain, a leading sustainable city in Sweden, cutting edge projects across Europe and one of the world’s remotest islands, urbanisland brings the local and global together and helps create economies that build social and natural capital.